Transform yourself and your business with Mind Suite. We have a range of development solutions designed to target issues affecting your people and your company.

Leadership training and Team Development go hand in hand – it’s much easier to be a great leader if your team is pulling together, and it’s easier to work as a team when you have a capable, effective leader.

Lena is a highly skilled, thoughtful and professional Trainer, Coach and Mentor. She is a pleasure to both learn from and just be in conversation with. Lena has mastered the art of people development with her extensive knowledge and a knack for successfully applying the balance of encouragement, support and transformative feedback that produces visible and tangible results. She has empowered me immensely and made me a much better version of myself. I’m looking forward to ongoing learning and transformations for myself and my company.

Adrian Estrada

Company Name: Meta Mind Power, Mexico City
Designation: Company Director

Lena is a gifted trainer who puts a lot of thinking around how she delivers the content of her training. Training with her is not just getting new knowledge, but you also enjoy the journey of getting to your goal. Her training session are full of energy, laughter, and movements as she ensures carefully that whatever you learn you ultimately embody in your neurology. If you are looking for learning full of fun at the same time experience personal transformation, join Lena in one of her training sessions. It will be the best investment you will have made for your personal development and growth.

Gloria Mbokota

Company Name: Mindlib Leadership Solutions (South Africa)
Designation: Managing Director

I highly recommend Lena as a mentor and coach. She is both challenging and compassionate, and has a special bull-shit detector I`m always energized after sessions with her.
I’m so grateful for having her as my supporter and challenger. Every coach needs a coach and mentor too. Lena is a great one.

Marga Dijkman

Company Name: NLP/NS trainer, Executive Coach and Business consultant
Designation: Norway

I have known Lena since 2014. She is skilled Master Trainer and Executive Coach, thoughtful, caring and professional. She is a pleasure to work with and talk to her. In my experience with her as a trainer, and my personal coach and mentor, she knows just how and when to encourage and push to get results. Awesome!! :

Raquel Couto

Company Name: Tao Coaching
Designation: Director